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Classes are $15 drop in OR $125 for a 10 class pass

including hst unless otherwise stated.

Gentle Stretch and Strengthen: 
Monday with Katie - 9:30-10:30am 

  • Thursday with Katie  – 9:30-10:30am

  • Wednesday EVENING class with Lyz! - see below! 

  • Power Flow*: 

  • Monday with Katie - 8:30-9:25am

  • Thursday with Katie - 6:15-7:15pm.

  • * Power flow is a fitness based class which combines focus and breath with core, upper and lower body strengthening moves, often at a faster pace than a regular hatha class. Requires at least average level of fitness and body awareness.  This class is registration based, but drop-ins are welcome, space permitting.  Please contact us for details.

Wednesday Evening Gentle Yoga with Lyz - "A self love yoga class to relax and stretch especially through the heart and hips. Some focused breathing and guided meditation support this rejuvenating feel good class." 7:30-8:30pm, Jan 9th- Feb 13th. $75/6week session. Email to register BY January 5th to register. 6 ppl minimum 


Also at Ahimsa - Kung Fu Light:

Mondays at 7pm and Fridays 12-1pm: an exercise program to improve  strength, flexibility, and balance using Kung Fu principles. $10/class, bare feet or indoor shoes required, a yoga mat may be helpful, wear comfortable clothes you can move easily
in. Contact Jo-Anne for information: phone 613-203-4169  email



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A Four Week Program to Fuel Body, Mind and Soul.

Week 1 - Conscious Nourishment. Identifying needs, intention, barriers.

Implement mindfulness and enhanced awareness on a daily basis through soul serving practices.

Week 2 - Whole Foods 'Challenge'. What we take in effects how we feel, think, and function on a daily basis. Explore how foods serve us physiologically, emotionally and socially.

Commit for two weeks to removing the junk and nourishing yourself well on your own terms.

Week 3 –Awareness of Impact. Join Claire from Merrickville’s health and local foods store, Healthily Ever After in exploring the importance of supporting local for health and sustainability on all levels.

Discover small, implementable changes that can yield big shifts

Week 4 – Synergy & Momentum. Taking Stock & Setting intention

TO REGISTER: EMAIL INFO@AHIMSANATUROPATHIC.COM BY MARCH 25TH. E-transfer or in-person deposit of $200 must be received by this date to hold your spot. * 8 ppl minimum.

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Journey Through the 4 Trimesters

For all of those mommas and poppas (or parents planning to be, eventually!), join Dr. Katie Weststrate, ND to learn about natural options for optimizing the pre and post-natal journey, from fertility through to your baby’s first six months.

Topics Include:Fertility and conception (brief review)Optimizing health for mom and baby-to-beCommon concerns during pregnancy:‘morning’ sickness, constipation, low energy, cramps and muscle spasms, gestational diabetes and yeast infections, preeclampsia and hypertension, swelling, varicose veins and hemorrhoids, group b strep considerations and resources, emotional health and supportTips for turning a breech babyPrep for labour and deliveryLabour induction - Natural optionsSupporting recovery from vaginal delivery or C-sectionCommon concerns in infancy: breast feeding, vitamin D, colic, cradle cap, recurrent ear infections, baby’s first foods.

Special Guests: To be announced!!

Note: Due to the vast amount of information and resources available on many of the above topics, this workshop is not designed to present a comprehensive review of each issue, but to deliver an overview of key points and insight into what can be done to support or optimize the perinatal journey.

Tuesday May 7th, 5:45-9pm
$60 each or $100/couple
E-mail BY April 20th to register.

Past Events Include:
Inviting Stillness - Arnprior weekend retreat, Jan 4-6, 2019
Christmas in Merrickville Karma Yoga - December 1, 2018
Limerick Forest Yoga Retreat - October 20, 2018
Walker House Retreat - March 2nd, 2018
MERC Women's Wellness Day - January 2018
Whole Foods Harvest Cleanse - October 14-28th
Spring Whole Foods Cleanse! - Cut the junk and lighten up with us! Challenge Yourself to OPTIMIZE YOUR HEALTH!
Spring Yoga Retreat  - May 12th OR 13th at Limerick Forest Interpretive Centre - come and unwind with us! - 2017
Women's Wellness Day - Perth. March 5th, 2017. 11am-4pm. Best Western Parkside Inn
Inviting Stillness - Feb11&12th, 2017. Retreat now FULL. 
Women's Wellness Day - MERC Hall, Maitland

Limerick Forest Yoga Retreat - Join Sue Turner, RYT and Reiki Master; Dr. Katie Weststrate, ND, RYT and special guest, Psychotherapist Bryn Savage, MA, RYT for our annual fall yoga retreat in Limerick forest!
Women's Yoga & Wellness Retreat - Sept 17th & 18th in Arnprior!! - registration now full

FREE Classes at Ahimsa- December 5th (Christmas in Merrickville!) - Pound 3:15-3:45, Hatha Yoga 4-5pm. All welcome! Donations to the Canadian Cancer Society gratefully appreciated.

SIBO Info Session - Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth can cause chronic gas, bloating, and 'IBS' like symptoms like abdominal discomfort. Join Katie at Ahimsa for a free info session to register. 5 people minimum.

Whole Foods Group Cleanse -  Kicks off September 11th/12th, 2015. Click here for more info!

Boost Your B.M.R. Six week holistic weight loss program

Yoga for Addictions - Join Katie for this comprehensive weekend workshop at the Ivy on William  with the Smiths Falls Yoga and Wellness Studio. Open to RYT's and ANYONE interested in learning more about addictions and the benefit of yoga and mindfulness! Click here for info and contact details.

Free Talk - Resolving Resolutions - ' Resolving Resolutions' - what works and what doesn't when committing to a new years resolution. Tips for making your resolution (be it weight loss, smoking cessation or any thing else!) work for you!

Women's Wellness Day - MERC Hall, Maitland. Saturday January 10th, 9:30am-3:45pm.

FREE Talk - Health Impacts of EMF and Microwave Radiation - From plasma TV's to cell phones and wireless gadgets of all kinds - join Dr. Katie Weststrate, ND in exploring current research on the health impacts of exposure to electromagnetic fields and microwave radiation.

Yoga Techniques Workshop - Hip Opening!  Explore alignment and action in hip opening yoga poses. Integral for improving form and function for any body in any yoga class. Email to register.

Karma Yoga for Cancer 
Regroup and Refocus - Stress Response and Coping Workshop for Students, Teachers/Educators, and ANYONE Else who thinks they might benefit from changing how their body responds to stress!
Smiths Falls Healthy Living Festival -

Merrickville Goes Green Eco Fair

Alzheimer's Society of Lanark County -

Free Talk - Behaviour Change: Breaking Unhealthy Habits. Join Naturopathic Dr. Katie Weststrate to review theories of behaviour change and holistic, Naturopathic concepts for supporting breaking free of addictive patterns and ingrained habits.  Examples include Substance abuse (smoking cessation and alcohol addiction), over-eating and exercise addictions. Feb 18th 12pm Merrickville Public Library, Feb 24th, 12pm Modern Thymes Smiths Falls.

Private Talk - Enhancing Cognitive Health - Alzheimer Society of Lanark County Brain Booster Group. Feb 24th 9:30am.

Journey Though the "4 Trimesters"
For all those mommas and poppas (or parents planning to be, eventually!) - explore natural, Naturopathic concepts to optimize fertility, conception,
common concerns of pregnancy, birth and transitions into the first year. Local midwives will be present to review midwifery as an option and answer any related questions you may have! 

Motivation for Change and Growth - Getting Out of Your Own Way!
Looking for inspiration to change patterns or habits that seem to be 'stuck' this new year?  Struggling in your efforts to move towards the realization of your goals or objectives? Join us for an afternoon of exploration and expression, combining yoga, meditation, and self-reflective exercises.
Prepare to leave with new insights, inspiration and some practical, concrete tools for change.

FREE talk - The Buzz About Gluten - "Gluten Free" has become a common label in grocery stores and restaurants. But,
what is gluten and why do we care if it's in our food? If a food is gluten free, is it healthier? Join Katie to discuss the differences between the various forms of gluten sensitivity and allergy and to break apart common misconceptions about 'gluten free' foods.

Anatomy for Yoga - Chiropractic Dr. Rob Rodine is joining me once again to discuss key anatomical and physiological considerations, essential for any yoga practice. We will be reviewing some main concepts, and covering new poses not focused on at the last session. The session will be didactic and practical so please bring your mats and wear your yoga clothes.  Cost is $20 for the evening, tea and treats provided. Open to all!

FREE talk - Intro to Cleansing  - Open any main stream magazine in the spring or fall and you're likely to  see something about 'detox' or cleansing. What's the big deal?! Join Dr. Katie to learn how your body naturally rids itself of toxins and by-products and what you can do to help or hinder this process.  We will be running another 'group cleanse' this fall - this talk will be a great platform for questions and queries if you're on the fence about whether 'cleansing' might be helpful for you!  Include